Why Resuscitation Canada?

When I first started teaching the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s ACLS & PALS provider courses, the average class size was 24 students. Some of the classes I was involved with had as many as 50 students attending. As an instructor on these courses, I was stressed out. As I worked with many of the students attending these courses, I could see their stress and discomfort. The worst part was, I could do nothing about it. I didn’t have the time to focus on just one student’s needs. I didn’t have time to help those who needed help. I didn’t have the influence to change this practice.

I was so frustrated, that I was going to leave the ACLS & PALS education world.

Then I had an idea, I could start running away from places like NAIT & SAIT. This was a dangerous thought. I spoke with the Resuscitation Program Manager for Alberta and I was told, “My Idea Would Never Work”.

Wrong thing to say to me, I was now committed to proving the powers at the Heart & Stroke Foundation that this idea would work.

We opened our first office in Red Deer Alberta. We posted some courses, paid for some advertising, and good people started coming to our courses.

When we started running courses we developed our core philosophy…

Small Class Sizes – We want to get to know you. We want time to help you become successful.

We Have To Have Fun – Learning happens when everyone is having fun.

Reduce The Stress – You should not need blood pressure medication, or anti-anxiety medications, to attend an ACLS or PALS Course.

Make It Convenient – We started running courses during the week, evenings, and on weekends.

Value our students – We never canceled classes due to low enrollment. Many of those early courses had only one student attending. We still ran the course.

These underlying philosophies have carried us to where we are today.

We have trained over 5,000 medical professionals, over 50% of these people have taken more than one course with us.

Many students tell us that they will not go anywhere else to get their training and education.

This next part surprised me.

We have students who could get the same training for free from their employer, they elect to come to us and pay for our training experience out of their own pocket.


Over these past many years, we have grown. But we have not lost sight of what makes us different. I have personally selected every educator who teaches with us. I personally consider each and every member of our team to be fantastic educators, who believe as I do, in our core philosophies.

My Personal Guarantee…

If you give us a chance, if you register for a course with us, you will love it, you will want to tell your friends, and you will want to come back for more.

We Are Now A NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organization.

Resuscitation Canada is so much bigger and better than just me. It is now a living organization that has only one desire, to bring high quality, extremely entertaining, and stress free education to every health care professional in Canada. This could best be done by establishing Resuscitation Canada as a Not-For-Profit Organization like the Heart & Stroke Foundation, The Canadian Cancer Society, & The Canadian Medical Association. We are governed by a board of directors, and every penny we earn from our courses, is reinvested back into the organization to make our courses and our team better.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon on one of our courses…

You Will Love Our Course Selection…


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